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cabin--by-the--sea asked: hey I really like your pictures. what camera do you use?

Thanks! I use a Nikon d3200 most of the time, but I do occasionally use a Nikon FM10 and an Olympus OM-1 35mm film camera. Plan on upgrading my d3200 to a d7100 soon. But keep in mind, it’s not the camera that makes good pictures—it’s the photographer.

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Sunset over Munjoy Hill.

Week 12 of my now 52 week (originally 365 day) photo project. Don’t forget to check out previous days’/weeks’ photos here!

Another shot from when I went to Bug Light Park last week, this time overlooking Munjoy Hill and the Portland observatory. I included a black and white version of the shot as well.

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Anonymous asked: Well I just thought you'd ought to know being a fellow mainer And all ;)

Much appreciated haha

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Anonymous asked: I find you to be ridiculously attractive.

See kids, photography does get ladies.